Who Is Laura Goldin?: Everything You Need to Know

Accompanying her father Ken Goldin on a mission to secure rare basketball memorabilia in Puerto Rico, Laura Goldin’s endeavors extend far beyond her familial ties. Delving into her career trajectory, personal relationships, and financial standing, this article aims to provide a comprehensive glimpse into her life. From her professional achievements to her connections, readers will uncover the intricate layers of Laura Goldin’s journey. Stay tuned to discover the full scope of her accomplishments and the depth of her net worth.

Who Is Laura Goldin?

Accompanying her father Ken Goldin on an unexpected journey to acquire rare basketball memorabilia, Laura Goldin’s presence sheds light on the dynamics of their relationship. Their interactions, filled with playful banter and genuine camaraderie, reveal a bond beyond their familial ties. Laura takes to Instagram to tease followers with snippets of their upcoming show, strategically sharing the official trailer while maintaining an air of intrigue. As the release date on Netflix approaches, anticipation builds, fueled by Laura’s enthusiastic promotion and her father’s endorsement on social media. Ken Goldin, renowned for his entrepreneurial prowess, founded Goldin Auctions in 2012, cementing his status as a leader in the industry. His journey began decades earlier with The Score Board Inc. in 1986, a venture that paved the way for his groundbreaking achievements. From record-breaking sales of memorabilia, including the iconic Mike Trout rookie card and Kobe Bryant jersey, to establishing unprecedented benchmarks in the industry, Ken’s legacy resonates far beyond the confines of auction halls. With over $1.3 billion in sales throughout his career, Ken Goldin’s influence reverberates throughout the sports memorabilia world, leaving an indelible mark on collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Laura Goldin Profession

Laura Goldin’s academic journey culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a Minor in Psychology from Syracuse University, setting the stage for her professional pursuits. Despite her rigorous job search, which yielded applications to fifteen different positions, Laura’s career path took an unexpected turn when her father extended a job offer within his business. However, discussions on the show “King of Collectibles: The Golden Touch” revealed Laura’s insistence on autonomy within the company, a condition her father, Ken Goldin, did not immediately fulfill. Presently, Laura is known to be employed as an assistant media planner at Merkley + Partners, indicating a divergence from her familial business. Before her current role, Laura gained valuable experience through internships at Cashman & Associates and Bleecker, spanning marketing and communications. Alongside her academic pursuits, she held diverse job positions including Customer Associate at Goldin Auctions, receptionist at Akoi Nail, and Camp Executive at M’kor Shalom Synagogue, showcasing her multifaceted skill set and commitment to professional growth.

Laura Goldin’s Physical Appearance

While specific details regarding Laura Goldin’s height, weight, and other body measurements remain elusive, observations drawn from her internet presence suggest an approximation. From available photographs, it is inferred that Laura stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 4 inches and carries a weight of around 60 kilograms. Despite the absence of precise measurements, these assumptions offer a glimpse into her physical stature, albeit with a degree of speculation.

Laura Goldin’s Parents

Laura Goldin’s childhood was marked by her parents’ separation, with Jennifer and Ken parting ways, the latter eventually remarrying. Their daughter, Laura, was last publicly seen with her mother in February 2022, attending “Bring Your Mom to Tailgate Day” at Syracuse University, indicating a continued bond despite the family’s changes. Jennifer, equipped with a social work license, has amassed a wealth of experience across various domains, including hospice services, home care for aging individuals, and supporting families and teenagers within foster care and mental health systems. Notably, she dedicated over six years to Lighthouse Hospice and more than fourteen years to Caring Hospice, serving as a steadfast support system in end-of-life care. Jennifer’s professional journey also encompasses roles such as an assistant at Lions Gate CCRC for a year and a Clinical Worker at the Child Guidance Center for four years, underscoring her commitment to aiding individuals and families through challenging circumstances.

Laura Goldin’s Siblings

Laura Goldin shares a close familial bond with her single biological sibling, Lindsey Goldin, born in July 1996, who currently holds the position of Content Acquisition Coordinator at The Orchard. Lindsey’s professional journey boasts diverse roles, including Music Director/Midday Show Host at WNRN, Outreach Coordinator at the Community Dispute Settlement Center, and On-Air Personality at WERS 88.9 FM, highlighting her versatility and passion within the media and communications sphere. Additionally, Laura has half-siblings, Paul and Carleigh Goldin, born on August 7, 2013, and October 23, 2017, respectively, adding further dimensions to her family dynamic.

What is Laura Goldin’s Net Worth?

While information regarding Laura Goldin’s net worth remains elusive, details regarding her father, Ken Goldin’s, financial standing are more readily available. As of 2024, Ken Goldin is reported to possess a net worth exceeding $200 million, attesting to his success and prominence within the industry. Despite the lack of specific figures regarding Laura’s wealth, her familial association with Ken hints at a background of financial stability and potential opportunities.


In conclusion, Laura Goldin’s story provides a glimpse into a life intertwined with family, career, and personal pursuits. From her early experiences accompanying her father on business endeavors to her professional journey in media planning and her close-knit relationships with her siblings, Laura navigates the complexities of life with grace and determination. While details about her net worth may remain undisclosed, her connections to her father, Ken Goldin, hint at a legacy of success and financial stability. As Laura continues to carve her path, her story serves as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the enduring bonds of family.


1. What is Laura Goldin’s current occupation? Laura Goldin is currently employed as an assistant media planner at Merkley + Partners.

2. How did Laura Goldin become involved in the media planning industry? Laura pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a Minor in Psychology from Syracuse University, which likely equipped her with the analytical and strategic skills necessary for a career in media planning. Additionally, her professional experiences, including internships and previous job positions, may have provided valuable insight and opportunities within the industry.

3. Can you provide more information about Laura Goldin’s siblings? Laura Goldin has a single biological sibling, Lindsey Goldin, born in July 1996. Lindsey currently works as a Content Acquisition Coordinator at The Orchard. Additionally, Laura has half-siblings, Paul and Carleigh Goldin, born on August 7, 2013, and October 23, 2017, respectively.

4. What are some notable achievements of Laura Goldin’s father, Ken Goldin? Ken Goldin is renowned for his entrepreneurial prowess, having founded Goldin Auctions in 2012, where he serves as Executive Chairman and Founder. Throughout his career, Ken has facilitated the sale of over $1.3 billion in memorabilia, setting records for some of the most expensive trading cards and sports memorabilia, including the Mike Trout rookie card, Kobe Bryant jersey, and Michael Jordan autographed patch card.

5. Is there any information available about Laura Goldin’s educational background? Laura Goldin obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a Minor in Psychology from Syracuse University, indicating a strong foundation in both analytical and behavioral sciences. This educational background likely equipped her with the skills necessary for her career pursuits and professional endeavors.

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